P., Norwegian chemist, 1833-1900. See: Guldberg-Waage law.
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Our audience has a keen interest in the new, the clever, and the re-imagined," says Better Homes and Gardens brand Executive Editor Jill Waage.
BROOKFIELD -- Monday morning, instead of reporting to David Prouty High School in Spencer, band director and music teacher John Waage will check in at a hospital for surgery that his insurance company has now agreed to fund.
Marco Liverani, (1) Jeff Waage, (2) Tony Barnett, (1,3) Dirk U.
CPT Erick Waage is currently serving as the information operations officer for the 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, Ga.
He will be joined on the panel by Warwick University epidemiologist Prof Laura Green, Prof Joe Brownlie, emeritus professor of veterinary pathology at the Royal Veterinary College and Prof Jeff Waage, director of the London International Development Centre.
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Frederick Waage has pointed to the "terrocentric identity" that anchors Shakespeare's representation of humans, and I'd like to build upon this observation by tracing the intricate networks of exchange that conjoin person and earth across the plays.
castoris is likely derived from a cholevid beetle ancestor which was a scavenger in small mammal nests or burrow systems (Wood 1965; Waage 1979; Peck 2006).
Prof Jeff Waage, director of the London International Development Centre, said the main purpose of the programme was to tackle diseases which placed an "enormous burden" on productivity and were a barrier to trade for livestock farmers.
Editors Christensen (English and environmental studies, Green Mountain College), Long (English and American studies, Keene State College), and Waage (editor and author) and more than 30 contributors focus on North American environmental writing and background issues.