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An acronym for Warfarin Optimised Outpatient Follow-Up Study
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That's all I wanted to know but what was all that woof, woofing stuff about?
HEEL: MP Steve Rotheram joins Woofs and Wellies walkers at Croxteth Park
Wallington Woofs is a day dedicated to dogs with classes including the dog with the waggiest tail, the cutest puppy, the dog with the saddest eyes and the dog that looks most like its owner.
Playful woofs are high-pitched and unevenly paced; strangers and doorbells encourage lower, harsher warning barks; and being separated from Master brings on single, high-pitched woofing.
WE'VE had Yuppies, Tweenagers, Dinkys and Sinbads - now prepare to meet the Woofs.
Many will be Woofs whose affluence will allow them to trade up to high quality goods and services.
The full litter is Leannes Rhythm, Woofy Woof Woofs, Slobadon, Captain Rhythm, Emmits Rhythm, Big Sexy Rhythm, Brunos Rhythm and Finda Fortune (the only one not owned by me).
We may safely say that Woofs Clarendon edition provides the most accurate, scholarly text.