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Mark Robertson, young people's participation worker, who supports the Vocality group, said: "This resource not only supports the principles of You're Welcome by allowing young people to shape how health messages are delivered to them, it gives services across North of Tyne access to a booklet by young people for young people on an issue that can be problematic to their wellbeing.
narrative" begins in vocality, not in the impulse to tell a
All these poems share the basic qualities of vocality mentioned above.
For a nuanced understanding of what I mean by "embodiment" in relationship to vocal performance, see Embodied Voices: Representing Female Vocality in Western Culture, ed.
79) As she recognizes, such in implication may not extend beyond the text itself, for the apparent vocality of La3amon's text is probably only an indication of the way in which even written texts in this period tend to be governed by an essentially oral aesthetic -- just as Chardri suggests in his attempt to align his composition with the greater emotiveness of the performed `respit'.
Zeleza writes about human crisis playfully, but his style is trenchant with an irony that invests all things with a barely comforting double vocality.
Crucial to both of these chapters is Simonson's effort to valorize embodied performance as an authoritative, creative act that rivals vocality and, indeed, the operatic work itself.
com)-- Vocality, a global network router manufacturer and supplier of voice and data network routers to the satellite communications market, helped Speedboard, their exclusive manufacturing partner, celebrate their 30 year birthday last week with a visit from His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh.
Corrstown is now out, to be submitted to the vocality of the archaeological community.
Returning to Three Seascapes at different junctures of Rainer's early career, Johnston attempts to trace how Earner's choreography became identified as her own by attending to her stripping of movement down to "the simplest thing she could think of to do"--the choreographer perhaps not quite yet manifestly saying no to emotion, no to intricacy, no to intensity (as she later infamously would) but rather formulating "unlicensed" modalities of emotion, intricacy, and intensity; situating gesture at the edge of expressivity, articulation; unleashing vocality as sheer force, while exposing the body as body.
While Phares does not engage with polysemy in the explicit way that Loper does, Phares does imply that the polysemy of Stiles's intelligent vocality gets invoked in the negative; Stiles could speak because she repeatedly performs her ability to do it effectively, but she chooses to embody a character that does not speak, thereby tacitly accepting Desi's zero-sum position.
These deaf poets thereby affirm Prins, Tucker, and Kreilkamp's understandings of how writing can produce a sense of vocality.