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Hyaluronidase Ophthalmology An agent injected directly into the vitreous cavity to treat hemorrhage. See Intraocular hemorrhage.
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82) When allergic sensitivity to Vitrase was studied, there were no positive allergic reactions reported (N=65) with a dose of 3 U (0.
Hyaluronidase monograph (Amphadase, Hydasc, Vitrase, Hylenex) final, http://www.
For that reason Biozyme Laboratories will continue to supply ISTA with guaranteed minimum quantities of the enzyme - hyaluronidase - for incorporation into the Vitrase range of products.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to get anything you say by way of reassurance to be believed but the simple fact is that, if anything, this makes it more likely that Vitrase will be approved.
Patients will be evaluated for three months post enrollment for efficacy of the Vitrase treatment, and for 12 months for safety.
Full prescribing information for VITRASE is available on ISTA Pharmaceuticals' website at www.
Net revenue growth was primarily driven by strong demand for BEPREVE, supported by healthy increases in Xibrom and Vitrase revenues.
This press release contains "forward looking statements" regarding the Company's plans to announce the preliminary efficacy results for the Phase III studies of Vitrase and the number of patients that would be candidates for using Vitrase.
Except for historical information contained herein, this press release contains "forward looking statements," such as statements regarding the potential benefit of Vitrase for the treatment of severe vitreous hemorrhage, progress of the Phase III trials for Vitrase and timing of availability of preliminary results from the Phase III clinical trials.
He also provides insight into the company's three therapeutics: Vitrase, for the treatment of vitreous hemorrhage; Keratase, for the treatment of corneal opacification, and Keraform, for the treatment of keratoconous.
Vitrase is progressing in two Phase III trials for the treatment of severe vitreous hemorrhage and one Phase II trial for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.