visual training

vision therapy

A clinical approach for correcting and ameliorating the effects of eye movement disorders, non-strabismic binocular dysfunctions, focusing disorders, strabismus, amblyopia, nystagmus and certain visual perceptual (information processing) disorders.

Alternative ophthalmology
A vision-enhancing method developed in the 1920s by an American optometrist, AM Skeffington. Vision therapy uses eye exercises and other techniques to retrain the eyes to function as a unit, and co-ordinate the brain’s processing of visual information needed for binocular vision; it is allegedly useful for lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), problems of focusing (vergence and accommodation), oculomotor defects, learning disabilities, athletic performance and traumatic brain injury. While vision therapy may be of use in developing stereoscopic skills and improving visual field remnants after brain damage, there is no clear scientific evidence supporting the use of eye exercises to improve vision.

training, visual 

Methods aimed at improving visual abilities, e.g. visual perception, spatial localization, heterophoria, hand/eye coordination, etc. to achieve optimal visual performance and comfort. These techniques represent an enlargement of the practice of orthoptics. Syn. vision therapy.
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The Company's Audio Visual Training Division became a leading supplier of training materials for computer programmers and systems analysts.
In seconds, a technical consultant can, with customer permission, run diagnostics on the customer's desktop, download patches, collaborate and provide visual training or update files in real time.
Features 23 Therapeutic exercises to reduce fatigue and stress: StrainRELIEF helps ease the day with rest breaks that include stretches, visual training and stress reducing exercises.
Reacting to this pressing need for training, and with the help of software marketers Len Dozois and Scott Flynn of the Zac Catalogs, the Visual Training Group (VTG) and Grumpfish Education formed a training alliance that led to the birth of the VTG/Grumpfish VO World Training Tour.
The training materials consist of a CD with a complete training facilitator manual, student workbook, and a 2-hour DVD with narrated visual training reinforcement.
In addition Wicat will convert the Royal Air Maroc B747-200, 737-200 and B727 slide tape courses to digital audio visual training (DAVT) format.
It may be possible that the vast amount of visual training frequent gamers receive over the years could help contribute to honing consolidation mechanisms in the brain, especially for visually developed skills," the researchers wrote.
Furthermore, Experiment 1 uses visual training to establish equivalence classes of numerals and their printed names rather than the auditory--visual training used by Mackay et al.
They asked me to fly over and work with their club Odyssey Soccer and Strikezone Soccer, which is a visual training aid that coaches technical skills through colour," he said.
Within the new centre, Summit Systems has supplied ancillary equipment and visual training support aids, as well as making the extensive knowledge of its Technical Engineers available to RPC Containers in order to broaden the knowledge of the trainees.
The training involved with teaching a hunting dog to sniff out antlers follows the same progression as visual training.