Virtual World

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A computer-based interactive 3D simulation, in which users take the form of avatars visible to others graphically
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com is a family-friendly version of the Virtual World Web - a different kind of Internet in which "sites" are actually immersive, video-game-style environments.
The virtual world program was at least as beneficial as the face-to-face program and in some ways, more effective" she added.
Onverse, LLC is the largest virtual world company in Arizona, providing a PG13 virtual world full of friends and fun.
Through his business, VRWorkplace, Elchoness also consults with companies to help them utilize virtual worlds technology.
Virtual worlds enable a company to do several things: provide a meeting place; engage in v-commerce (buy and sell goods and services); allow advertising and product placement (rent or build billboards and use other "in-world" channels to advertise products, or place products in high-volume parts of a virtual world where they will be exposed to "traffic" by visitors); or build organizational experience in a virtual environment where mistakes and failures can safely occur.
Social networking and virtual world participation is sky-rocketing in Asia.
The first is: "The effort to design a virtual world is not justified in terms of specific learning objectives" (5).
One virtual world, Second Life, gets around that dilemma by granting its players the intellectual property fights to the virtual goods they create.
LEARNING VIRTUALLY Life in a virtual world is a mix of creative playfulness, purpose, and serendipity that needs to be experienced firsthand.
The virtual world rules in films like `The Thirteenth Floor'
The computer can also make stereo sounds in the virtual world more realistic.