Virtual Patient

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A term for a number of entities in which the patient is ‘not real’, including
(1) Any of a number of interactive computerised patient simulations which are part of a collection that resides on a computer or server. Virtual patients are used to teach medical students or junior doctors clinical logic by an algorithmic approach, leading one down various pathways ranging from correct management of the virtual patient to a completely wrong diagnosis with the patient dying and the student doctor getting sued
(2) A real and healthy person who has an arrangement with the medical school or hospital to play act like they have a specific disease and provide specific answers to medical students as they attempt to arrive at the right diagnosis, or
(3) A graphics-rich simulation of one or a limited number of environments in which a particular skill—e.g., laparscopic surgery—is learned, à la ‘flight school simulation’
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With our psychiatric/mental health students, we have experimented with virtual patient visits in Second Life for patients seeking a pharmacy consult.
com)-- The new market research report published by Meticulous Research “Global Virtual Patient Simulation Market Outlook: 2014-2019” analyzes the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges that have a long and short-term impact on its growth across the globe.
Also: California shifts its HIE leadership; optimizing medication management through automation; how meaningful use encourages e-prescribing; the role of personal health records and addiction treatment; extending the electronic health record to independent hospitals and clinics; cloud-based PACS; virtual patient simulation, and more.
We created a trainer for first responders at the scene of an accident called Triage Trainer, and more recently a virtual patient which will help medical students to understand a patient's deterioration.
Laparoscopy simulators allow surgeons to be trained on a virtual patient during minimal invasive surgery.
Prof Nigel John, from the university's School of Computer Science, said: "What we're trying to do is create a virtual patient that a doctor or nurse can practice on.
Key features include: support for automated workflow and ANSI EDI 835 formatted EOBs; role-based access and logical view of all patient information, including claims, EOBs and correspondence presented as a virtual patient chart.
Perhaps a similar harbinger of a future world of robo-docs and virtual patient care appears in the British Medical Journal.
At a low concentration of bacteria, the inflammatory response killed the infection and the virtual patient recovered.
Virtual patient models, he added, "provide an environment for researchers to hypothesize.
With one tap doctors freeze, save and evaluate an image on-screen, organize and manage images, tag images with patient data and comments, and select the localization using the app's virtual patient diagrams.

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