Virtual Organ

A suite of ‘in silico’ simulations of an organ or system which provides quantitative/functional descriptions in health and disease and across different species
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In the current analysis, 3-D ultrasound with virtual organ computer-aided analysis technology was used to determine corrected adrenal gland volume, and 2-D ultrasound was used to measure the whole gland and fetal zone in singleton pregnancies, in 62 women presenting with preterm labor symptoms at 23-37 weeks' gestation.
Four major areas were identified as important: the need to acquire and develop modeling databases; the development and integration of modeling software into common platforms; the development/acquisition of virtual organ and system models; and the establishment of an infrastructure for developing a virtual body architecture.
If the doctor suspects a liver problem, for example, he or she could enlarge the image and move through and around the virtual organ to conduct a more detailed investigation.
It includes the Avid Orchestra, a specially recorded full symphony orchestra, a collection of rock and pop sounds from the Avid virtual instrument team, a 27-stop church organ from leading virtual organ creator Hauptwerk, and a selection of sounds from Sample Logic Rumble and Fanfare featuring 14-time world champion Drum and Bugle Corps, The Blue Devils.
An enormous amount of talent will be present at this inaugural event to explore three themes: Bioware, or microchip technology applied to bioscience; Smart Systems, or interactive products as diverse as surgical robotics, virtual organ design, and drug discovery software; and eHealth or healthcare and the Internet.
Physiome Sciences' expanding suite of predictive 3D virtual organ systems represents one of the most promising approaches to streamlining the drug discovery and development process," said Mr.
We hope to see more rapid improvements in understanding disease causation, diagnoses, treatments, and patient (and doctor) education by using virtual organs and systems.
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