viral load

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the quantity of something that is carried or borne.
case load the number of patients under the care of an individual health care worker.
viral load the number of copies of RNA of a given virus per milliliter of blood.

viral load

The concentration of a virus, such as HIV, in the blood.

viral load

measurement of the amount of human immunodeficiency virus in the blood expressed as copies per milliliter. Plasma viremia is used to guide treatment decisions and monitor response to treatment. See also viremia.

viral load

The amount of a specific virus–eg, HIV, in a person–eg, a Pt with AIDS. See bDNA signal amplification, HIV RNA.

vi·ral load

(vī'răl lōd)
The plasma level of viral RNA, as determined by various techniques including target amplification assay by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and branched DNA technology with signal amplification. Because levels of detection vary with method, results of testing by different methods are not comparable.

viral load,

n a measure of the number of virus particles present in the bloodstream, expressed as copies per milliliter. This measurement helps in treatment decisions and to monitor the efficacy of a treatment.
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With regard to the latter, the development of simpler, more cost-effective tests, which could assess viral burden and immune function, to replace viral loads and [CD4.
Although it is true that animals showing signs carry a higher viral burden than those without signs [sub-clinical cases], clinical and sub-clinical horses can both act as sources of infection for other horses.
One reason for this variability is, at least in part, related to the HIV viral burden and replication [31].
Though this particular dendritic cell-based vaccine may be difficult to develop commercially because of the high viral burden (and/or the need for ex-vivo expansion of the virus) needed to produce the vaccine, it suggests that the Argos immunotherapeutic, because it is also patient specific but requires only a small plasma sample, could be a promising strategy for treating people with chronic HIV infection.
Predictive value of quantitative PCR-based viral burden analysis for eight human herpesviruses in pediatric solid organ transplant patients.
As immunosuppression due to HIV increases, the HPV viral burden increases along with the associated increased risk of developing CIN.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Despite the availability of drugs that greatly decrease the viral burden in patients infected with HIV, it's important to remember that "we haven't cured anyone with this infection yet," Dr.
The amount of HIV present in the individual's body and the viral burden count are determining factors--the higher the viral burden count, the more HIV is present, and the faster the T-cell count diminishes.
The preferred goal of such therapy is to reduce the viral burden as much as possible.
Viral load or viral burden is the quantity of HIV-RNA (HIV virus) that is in the blood.
Viral load, which is also referred to as viral burden, is like a census of the actual number of HIV copies inhabiting the body.