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vipassana (vē·päsˑ·sä·n),

n a meditation practice that focuses on mindfulness.
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Toilet Block, Plinths With Shed, Dinning Shed, Serving Point, View Cutter, Office And Residence For Instructors Of Vipasana Complex At Nsg Manesar
Un autre membre nous a egalement mentionne le Centre de meditation Vipasana a Sutton, ou il va faire des retraites d'une dizaine de jours a l'occasion.
The learning and experiences from Vipasana Meditation (Buddhism), Yoga from great masters like Swami Atma Ji, Vipin Prasad Baloni and Gangesha Chaitanya from Rishikul Yogshala at Rishikesh and the experiences through Yoga while visiting cities and countries and discussing with people from different culture and facets hve helped to know more about the true value of the Indian traditional Wisdom of Yoga.
Joseph Loss finds that the Dhamma practitioners in Israel has combined the Jewish symbols and customs for example the sabbath (the Jewish practice) and vipasana is sermoned by senior Israeli teacher as analogous.
He is attending Vipasana meditation camps and avoiding non- vegetarian food.
After she was cast in Einstein, Fisher did something she'd been considering for a while-a 12-day Vipasana meditation retreat.
Katial does meditation and says he grew up quickly when he went to a vipasana course some years back.
In the 1970's why did seventy of us Christian priests and seminarians attend a ten day Vipasana retreat at Khandala in Maharashtra under the guidance of late Goenkaji?
Working as manager in a corporate firm, she was always interested in mind- body healing techniques and also did Neuro Linguistic Programming and Vipasana .
Kinshuk, coordinator of the project said, that the aim of constructing this Pagoda is to provide a platform to the students of Vipasana, one of India's ancient techniques of meditation, which means to see things as they really are.
Some other groups go for Vipasana sessions and they experience great inner peace in silent meditation and breathing.
Years later, her teaching of Vipasana and other reform therapies to the inmates of the Tihar Central Jail in Delhi fetched her the Magsaysay award.