(Vidus) (vē'dē-yūs),
Guidi (Guido), Italian anatomist and physician, 1500-1569. See: vidian artery, vidian canal, vidian nerve, vidian vein.
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Bring many USB power packs to support the VidiUs, GoPro, etc.
An Itarbi firicavo, me anum estabuntica iactuam pra, sena, que terum unte derum praverit o erfec rem nis halerri coneme hilin vidius consilne ad cum prarteatis.
Novas especies de Vidius Evans e Cobalopsis Godman & Salvin do Brasil (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae, Hesperiinae).
To illustrate how one product, Vidius PortAuthority (made by the author's company), does this, let's go back to the example mentioned at the beginning of this article, where two temporary workers at a financial institution were illicitly collecting customer information and saving it in Excel spreadsheets.
Mortification of the flesh and chastity are often powerful enough to destroy the vital heat of one's private parts, claims Venette, citing an eyewitness report by Vidus Vidius the Younger.
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