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Andrea, Italian neurologist, 1811-1895. See: Verga ventricle, cavum vergae.
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A contemporary Italian, whom I like hardly less than these noble Spaniards, is Giovanni Verga, who wrote 'I Malavoglia,' or, as we call it in English, 'The House by the Medlar Tree': a story of infinite beauty, tenderness and truth.
Peter Verga, acting assistant secretary of defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense; and many other general officers and senior executive service members.
Fictive mediation and mediated fiction in the novels of Giovanni Verga.
The Defense Department "effectively bridges the divide between homeland security and national security," said Verga.
Paso doble belongs to the realist school of fiction, which has never died since the time of Flaubert in France and Verga in Italy.
He authored multiple books and articles, starting with Itinerario dei primo Verga and most recently with the publication of Contrappunti / Counterpoints.
VII e VIII dei Promessi Sposi" by Carlo Annoni (67-78); "Belli e Manzoni" by Pietro Gibellini (79-96); "Un inedito di Mazzini al Brunetti ed altri scritti suoi per l'insurrezione polacca del 1863" by Giancarlo Vallone (97-104); "Per una rilettura di Vade retro, Satana di Camillo Boito" by Enrico Elli (105-16); "Giovanni Verga e noi" by Giuseppe Savoca (117-30); "Sulla giovinezza di Brandileone e sull'ultimo ventennio dell'Ottocento a Napoli" by Nicola D'Antuono (131-48); "Un singolare episodio sulla letteratura dialettale (F.
Verga continued by saying, "the flexibility of the product, in combination with the Imaging Dashboard and RealTime Worklist, will allow our practice to efficiently provide image interpretation for the imaging centers and the hospital in a single consolidated PACS.
In their silent acceptance of a cruel destiny, the characters at times remind us of figures from the novels of Thomas Hardy or Giovanni Verga.
The C4I Domain Task Force hosted a Coalition Day featuring a keynote by Peter Verga, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the US Department of Homeland Defense.
Una materia che tanto un Dickens cosi come un Verga o uno Zola avrebbero trovato utile per la loro ispirazione.
This work is accompanied by a series of photographs which were taken by the author's nephew, Livio Natale Bonacini, and which allow the reader a modern day view of the locations significant to Verga.