Tasosartan Cardiology An antihypertensive angiotensin II receptor antagonist, withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer. See Angiotensin II receptor antagonist.
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Gill helped found Verdia (acquired by DuPont), Avidia (acquired by Amgen), and Codexis.
Di seguito, in ordine alfabetico, i nomi degli autori dei 25 contributi e delle 7 introduzioni di sezione: Barni Monica; Blanco Gadanon Ana; Boella Marco; Buffagni Claudia; Cakmak Fidel; Charge Nick; D'Agata D'Ottavi Stefania; De Boer Berna; Diadori Pierangela; Dolci Roberto; Fowler Margaret; Galatanu Olga; Garzelli Beatrice; Hepp Marianne; Jones Barry; Komorowska Hanna; Lamb Terry; Lemeunier Valerie; Lijmbach Birgit; Merlo Jonathan-Olivier; Newby David; Ni Cheallaigh Martina; Pegulescu AncaMariana; Roche J6rg; Rossner Richard; Scaglioso Cosimo; Serragiotto Graziano; Tietze Ulrike; Tomlinson Brian; Troncarelli Donatella; Verdia Elena; Vignozzi Letizia; Villarini Andrea.
To date, Maxygen has raised more than $80 million in non-dilutive funds from the sale of Maxygen non-core assets, including proceeds from the sale of its agricultural subsidiary, Verdia Inc.
Verdia, 2003, "Is Performance Driven by Industry or Firm-specific Factors?
As a result, we are investing in this arena both as a partner with technology companies currently developing traits and on a joint venture basis with Verdia.
Department of Corrections/SCI-Frackville, Volunteer of the Year Award; Verdia Carr, Department of Corrections/SCI-Cambridge Springs, Volunteer of the Year Award; Rosario Ceraso, clerk typist, Department of Corrections/Community Corrections Center (CCC) Region I, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Outstanding Performance Award; George Cooper, Department of Corrections/SCI-Waynesburg, Volunteer of the Year Award; Joseph Coyne, Department of Corrections/SCI-Waymart, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Medal of Valor Award; Michael A.
They are Sara Reeves, who will serve as credit card manager for the bank, and Verdia Hauser, who will serve as ATM/debit card manager.
Verdia Daniels, a home-care provider for more than 20 years, said the union victory will allow workers to better care for their own families as well as their clients.
Product Innovations/Introductions II-10 MARDI Develops Taq DNA Polymerase II-10 Stratagene Corporation Commercializes DNA Polymerases II-10 Takara Bio Launches PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase II-10 Verdia and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Develops Glyphosate -Resistant Crop Trait II-10 Novozymes Creates Lipase Enzyme II-10
David has held senior business development roles at Maxygen and then Verdia (which was acquired by Pioneer/DuPont in 2004).
The Joint Venture, named Verdia Horticulture Limited ("Verdia"), will build and
Gill also played a lead role in the creation of Maxygen's chemicals business Codexis, its agricultural business Verdia (and its subsequent sale to DuPont), as well as the acquisition and subsequent integration of Profound Pharmaceuticals - now run as Maxygen's wholly owned Danish subsidiary.