Venturi meter

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Ven·tu·ri me·ter

a device for measuring flow of a fluid in terms of the drop in pressure when the fluid flows into the constriction of a Venturi tube.


Giovanni B., Italian physicist, 1746-1822.
Venturi apparatus
Venturi aspiration vitrectomy device
Venturi bobbin myringotomy tube
Venturi collar button myringotomy tube
Venturi effect - term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
Venturi grommet myringotomy tube
Venturi insufflator
Venturi mask
Venturi meter - a device for measuring flow of a fluid.
Venturi pediatric myringotomy tube
Venturi spirometer
Venturi tube - a tube with a specially streamlined constriction.
Venturi ventilator
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Project Purpose: The project includes replacement of the below ground piping, vaults, and venturi meter with new above-ground piping, venturi meter, and chemical injection points.
Differential Pressure (DP) flow meters have been widely used since Herschel first developed the Venturi meter in the 1880s.
There are various designs of multiphase flow meters, but virtually all tend to use some sort of differential pressure measurement, usually a Venturi meter, to measure total mass flow rate, combined with other technologies, such as gamma radiation or electromagnetic methods, to determine the relative amounts of oil, water and gas.
DIFFERENTIAL FLOW RATE METERS Differential flow meters, including Venturi meters and wedge-type meters, unlike many metering technologies, have no moving parts, which means significant operational expenditure and lifecycle savings for operators.