(vär′məs), Harold Eliot Born 1939.
American microbiologist. He shared a 1989 Nobel Prize for discovering a sequence of genes that can cause cancer when mutated.
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Optimizing policies that encourage scientific openness while in appropriate cases limiting the dissemination of research results that might be misused is a difficult challenge," said Harold Varmus, professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, and co-chair of the committee that wrote the report.
Clinton NIH Director Harold Varmus Killed The "Reasonable Pricing" Rule
He and a group of prominent scientists, including Nobel Prize laureate, former UCSF professor and former NIH Director Harold Varmus, MD, have begun an initiative to fix what they see as systemic flaws in the current biomedical research enterprise.
Nobel Prize winner Varmus stepping down as director of NIH's National Cancer Institute, joining Weill Cornell.
Harold Varmus for his leadership of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) over the past five years.
Collins and National Cancer Institute Director Harold Varmus, who both have key leadership roles.
Kirschner, Shirley Tilghman and Harold Varmus wrote in a recent paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The five- day annual ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival will play host to Nobel Prize winners Amartya Sen and Harold Varmus, as well as listed writers from Man Booker Prize 2013 -- Jhumpa Lahiri, Tash Aw, Jim Crace and Alison MacLeod.
Eisen and his fellow VLOS cofounders, Harold Varmus and Patrick Brown, saw the subscription-based journals as anachronisms, obstacles to scientific advancement in an era of big data.
The company does not know either their innovative potential or not the company created sufficient conditions for its development and implementation (Lendel, Varmus 2012).
Harold Varmus, easily would have topped all other executives in compensation, with $4.
Varmus said the well-designed study used rigorous scientific methods and that its findings could spare countless lives.