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Gabriel G., German-Swiss physiologist, 1810-1883. See: Valentin corpuscles, Valentin ganglion, Valentin nerve.
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repeated Valentin, feeling sure this must be some singular Italian metaphor.
Valentin looked at these two placards and fancied he had met this highly subtle form of humour before, and that somewhat recently.
Thanks," replied Valentin, and vanished like a fairy.
Any sort of queer thing," answered Valentin, and relapsed into obstinate silence.
By the time they had left Camden Town behind, the policemen were nearly asleep; at least, they gave something like a jump as Valentin leapt erect, struck a hand on each man's shoulder, and shouted to the driver to stop.
They tumbled down the steps into the road without realising why they had been dislodged; when they looked round for enlightenment they found Valentin triumphantly pointing his finger towards a window on the left side of the road.
Our cue at last," cried Valentin, waving his stick; "the place with the broken window.
Got your window broken, I see," said Valentin to the waiter as he paid the bill.
Yes, sir," answered the attendant, bending busily over the change, to which Valentin silently added an enormous tip.
cried Valentin, moving slowly, but with burning eyes, "and then?
Abruptly one bulging gas-lit window broke the blue twilight like a bull's-eye lantern; and Valentin stopped an instant before a little garish sweetstuff shop.
For goodness' sake," said Valentin, leaning forward with his first real confession of eagerness, "for Heaven's sake tell us what happened exactly.