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VZIG is supplied in two different dosages: the 125-U vial and the 625-U vial.
Product confusion either prevents or delays a pregnant woman from receiving VZIG, which is really what she should be getting .
However, any adults who did not have childhood varicella in the household are good candidates for VZIG because of the difficulty adults experience with varicella (American Academy of Pediatrics, 1997).
disease([sections]) ([sections]) Vaccinate Influenza, Recommended [is greater pneumococcal than or equal (inactivated) to] 2 weeks before chemotherapy or VZIG Postexposure immunosuppressive prophylaxis therapy.
Although VZIG is effective in reducing the severity of varicella when administered up to 96 hours after exposure, the agent should be administered as soon as possible after exposure (1).
However, Varivax[R] was administered unintentionally instead of VZIG to these women.