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Aldec has included support for VHDL-2008 in both Active-HDL[TM] and Riviera-PRO[TM] at no additional cost to customers with a valid maintenance contract and with a VHDL or mixed language simulation configuration.
VHDL EASY SIM is a fully functional simulator supporting IEEE 1076 and VHDL 93 standards.
high prices of VHDL synthesis tools have prevented designers from making
Lance Thompson, Accellera's VHDL Technical Committee (TC) Chair added, "The VHPI work represents another successful Accellera-backed standardization effort.
Exhibits demonstrating VHDL and Verilog HDL products and services, will be open Tuesday through Thursday.
It will offer something for all VHDL designers -- paper and panel sessions, tutorials, focus group meetings, vendor sessions and exhibits.
As a key element of the Verification Workbench, the Paradigm ViP enables VHDL designers to begin concurrent verification at the earliest possible stage, when specifications are still being developed.
SOC-VSP's component wizard enables Verilog and/or VHDL to be easily incorporated into the design environment of the RealView SoC Designer.
As the largest EDA supplier to users of PCs, OrCAD is better positioned than any company to see that VHDL has emerged as the preferred design language on the PC," said Robert Hunter, president of Model Technology.
PROsynthesis is a powerful VHDL synthesis tool that offers state-of-the-art functionality with the ease of use of a native Microsoft Windows application.
Cheetah and Jaguar provide robust, high-performance, easy-to-integrate Verilog and VHDL front-ends for EDA products.
NASDAQ: VIEW) today introduced ViewSim/VHDL(TM) and ViewVHDL(TM), simulators that leverage the acknowledged VHDL (A) leadership of subsidiary Vantage Analysis Systems, Inc.