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There is always potential for displacement of a transducer line in VUDS with female patients who have cystoceles and/or uterovaginal prolapse.
Injections into the uterovaginal plexus in conjunction with thyroid gland and adenoid NT injections help to restore hormonal dysregulations in most cases of PMS and PCOS.
You could, however, use it if the sole reason was to do an adjunct vaginal vault repair due to documented uterovaginal prolapse.
Laparoscopic hysteropexy: the initial results of a uterine suspension procedure for uterovaginal prolapse.
Table 2: Obstetrical details in Uterovaginal (UV) prolapse patients indicating need for safe motherhood strategies.
Genome-wide transcript expression analysis in the uterovaginal junction in association with fertile period in Tsaiya ducks.
Incidence of uterovaginal prolapse among the buffaloes under field conditions of western Uttar Pradesh.
Association between the management compartment of uterovaginal organogenesis and local tumor spread in stage IB - IIB cervical cancer: a prospective study.
Among the indications were dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB), uterine fibroids, post menopausal bleeding and uterovaginal prolapse.
MRI is the best imaging method available because of its superior ability to reliably visualize and characterize complex uterovaginal anatomy.