arcuate uterus

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ar·cu·ate u·ter·us

a uterus with a depression at the fundus; an incomplete uterus bicornis.
Synonym(s): uterus arcuatus
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33-37) This condition is infrequent and must be diagnosed only when a proven and significant maternal uterine malformation is documented and the possibility of an intrapartum injury has been excluded by electromyography.
History of endocrine disorders, uterine malformation, polycystic ovary syndrome, renal disease, collagen vascular disease, any cardiovascular disease, chronic hypertension, history of any antibiotic prophylaxis or medication, chronic smoking and chromic alcoholic excluded from study.
In the event that there is a congenital uterine malformation or an acquired abnormality, these can be managed with surgical correction of the abnormality.
The study subjects were all women who delivered after 24 weeks' gestation, had fetuses without chromosomal abnormalities, and had no congenital uterine malformation.