Heinrich, German internist, 1853-1912. See: Unverricht disease.
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The German Simmons & Simmons team included: Christian Bornhorst (Lead, Corporate/M&A), Marc Urlichs (Corporate/M&A), Anja Schlichting (Corporate/M&A), Martin Gramsch (Antitrust), Sebastian Petrack (IP), Steffen Nguyen-Quang (Employment) and Lara Unverricht (Employment).
Its founders include Jim Legge, principal violist of the Saskatoon Symphony, Sara Spigott, freelance musician and Saskatoon Public Schools band teacher, cellist and studio teacher Scott McKnight, and Stephanie Unverricht principal bassoon with the Saskatoon Symphony.
Unverricht, in 1891, first described dermatomyositis as we know it today.
Of the five answers published by Barenreiter in 1957,(3) four scholars - Hermarnn Keller, Hubert Unverricht, Oswald Jonas and Alfred Kreutz - pointed up distinct differences between stroke and dot (all were agreed that the wedge is simply a printer's equivalent for the stroke).
The Dsseldorf team, consisted of: Leo Verhoeff and Dr Michael Bormann (both lead, corporate/M&A), Marc Urlichs, Dr Anja Schlichting, Julian Hiereth (all corporate M&A), Heiko Stoll (tax law), Dr Steffen Nguyen, Lara Unverricht (all employment law), Dr Barbara Heinrich (real estate), Christopher Gtz (IT/data protection), Dr Martin Gramsch (antitrust) and Silvia Itu (IP).