Untreated Water

Unpotable water that has not been subjected to any process designed to remove contaminants or organisms
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Residents have relied on untreated water from boreholes and risk contracting diseases, it added.
Patients in hospitals and dispensaries have been forced to drink untreated water, at times less than two litres per day, health worker Nicholeta Odhiambo said.
She said that 540 million gallon untreated water of Lahore being thrown into River Ravi on daily basis while 310 MG water of Faisalabad goes into River Ravi and Chenab.
Untreated water can contain everything from parasites, viruses and bacteria to naturally occurring chemicals like arsenic.
He said that residents of Manchar lack are compelled to use untreated water and they had been affected in waterborne disease.
The aim is to plug the biggest leaks and to find out where the untreated water comes from," Cimatu said.
The chief minister was summoned after the apex court expressed its reservations over a report presented by Punjab government on the contamination of 540mgd untreated water in the River Ravi.
LAHORE -- The Supreme Court on Sunday gave three weeks time to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to submit a comprehensive report about the installation of treatment plants for untreated water being drained into rivers and canals, Punjab Saaf Pani project and the clinical waste of the hospitals.
According to the relatives of the victims, the outbreak was a result of contamination from untreated water sources.
In order to accept a polluting load related to the treatment of sludge and grease from the roanne wastewater treatment plant by methanisation energy recovery, and to significantly reduce the quantity of untreated water discharged into the natural environment by rain (exceeding the instantaneous hydraulic capacity of the wastewater treatment plant) roannais agglomration decided to increase the treatment capacity of the roanne wastewater treatment plant by building a primary effluent decantation unit.
ISLAMABAD -- Untreated water samples of Rawal lake collected by Capital Development Authority (CDA) and analyzed it at Water Quality Control Cell, Central Engineering Laboratory (MQC) Directorate Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).
Unluckily, this contamination problem dates back to about 30 years, he said, adding that up to 100,000 square meters of untreated water is poured into the Bay.