Unprofessional Conduct

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The commission or omission of any act that is detrimental or harmful to the patient of a physician or detrimental or harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and which violates the high standards of honesty, diligence, prudence, and ethical integrity demanded from physicians and osteopaths licensed to practice in a certain jurisdiction


behavior as a professional. Behaviour relative to a code of ethics agreed to by members of a professional organization.

conduct conducive to unfairly attracting business
see touting.
unprofessional conduct
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Communications between patients and the HPCSA are privileged because patients are entitled to complain to the HPCSA about what they regard as unprofessional conduct and the HPCSA has a reciprocal interest in receiving such information.
The boy was not a pupil of his and he did not consider it was unprofessional conduct.
If the State proves its case and unprofessional conduct is found to have occurred, the respondent has 30 days to appeal the matter.
Not issuing fiscal receipts, corruption, tax evasion or unprofessional conduct of public administration employees will also be reported online through the website of the Public Revenue Office (UJP), said Information Society and Administration Minister Ivo Ivanovski.
A FORMER assistant head teacher who was sacked for failing to submit Midland pupil's work in time for important exam deadlines has been cleared of unprofessional conduct.
The GTC also investigated and announcing its decision said: "Mrs Turner accepts that making a comment like this amounts to unprofessional conduct.
Bandile Hadebe would have qualified as a doctor this year but his medical career came to an end in August when the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) found him guilty of unprofessional conduct and barred him from the roll.
Information about unprofessional conduct of social workers--including ethics complaints, malpractice claims, and regulatory board sanctions--is useful to state regulators, policymakers, educators, managers, and members of the profession.
He said New York CPAs could be charged with unprofessional conduct and investigated, he said.
A far-reaching mandatory reporting bill in Oregon, House Bill 2118, would require all licensed health care professionals to report colleagues who appear to be professionally incompetent or guilty of unprofessional conduct or to be impaired by drug or alcohol dependency or a mental health condition to their board within 10 working days.
Friedman in a disciplinary action, alleging three counts of unprofessional conduct, one count of falsifying a medical record, and one count of surrendering hospital medical privileges while under hospital investigation.
It covers regulatory and congressional guidelines, registration, reporting and disclosure requirements, criteria for publicly traded futures and commodity options and the rules governing unprofessional conduct.