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Biochemistry The conversion of a non-reactive site on a protein to a reactive one accessible to specific reagents capable of reacting with molecules of interest—e.g., an enzyme
Examples Conformational changes or proteolytic removal of a blocking molecule, which might bind nonspecifically to the reactive site
Fringe psychology Any of a number of techniques—e.g., moving the face, ‘aping’ emotions and opening eyes widely—developed by W. Reich for physical and emotional release
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Filled with examples based on the experiences of real patients and clinicians, Unmasking Psychological Symptoms covers:
From its flagship product, TrapCall, which stops phone harassment by unmasking blocked caller ID, to TapeACall, its groundbreaking cloud-based phone call recording app, TelTech's products are both innovative and unique.
His best-known series, the "Surrogate Paintings," from 1978, and the related "Plaster Surrogates," begun in 1982, made this point explicit, rendering a generic idea of "painting" as so many interchangeable props: theatrical effects designed to represent representation while unmasking those scripts that determine the cultural significance of things.
Unmasking Michael: Michael Earl describes himself as a shy guy.
Unfortunately, there is hardly a new historicist analytical tool for unmasking power's evasions that the evasions of Gallagher's own text is not vulnerable to.
Plus reviews of several recent Shakespeare-related books, including: Mark Anderson's Shakespeare by Another Name; Claire Asquith's Shadowplay; William Rubenstein and Brenda James's The Truth Will Out: Unmasking the Real Shakespeare; and the De Vere Society of Great Britain's Great Oxford.
Most women of my, younger, generation are not willing to risk that kind of exposure, but the fear is of a more psychic than bodily unmasking.
Having emerged during the international student protest movement, he has dedicated his career to unmasking the hidden abuses and blatant hypocrisies of the powers that be.
When unmasking Santa, it is important to explain to children that Santa (Saint Nicholas) did exist and he represents the spirit of Christmas that is still alive in all of us," said the psychologist.
The unmasking of the male gaze has been a mainstay of critical theory and contemporary art since before Cindy Sherman staged her first photograph.
SmartFilter combined with the granular policies of our ProxySG enable organizations to control today's challenges of spyware, adware, P2P file sharing, instant messaging, streaming media, unmasking disguised websites in phishing attacks, as well as well known filtering controls for sports, shopping, gambling and adult content.