Unique Physician Identification Number

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Unique Physician Identification Number



A six-digit code, consisting of numbers and letters, assigned in the U.S. to all health care providers who take care of Medicare patients. It allows the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to collect information about a provider's billing practices and to assess his or her utilization of medical services.
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Table 1: Summary of Data Sources Used to Obtain Information on Physician Specialty for a SEER-Medicare Analysis * Source Description Medicare claims The Medicare research data set includes the encrypted UPIN and a provider specialty code UPIN Registry ([double dagger]) Database of Unique Physician Identification Numbers (UPINs) for providers who bill Medicare AMA Masterfile ([section]) Demographic, education, specialty, and practice information on U.
We may get to a point where we have a directory, but right at the moment, we don't have a [list] like the unique physician identification number directory in the works," she said.
In its review of 250 medical equipment claims made to Medicare in 1999, HHS' Office of Inspector General found that supporting documentation was missing or incomplete for 45% of services ordered using a surrogate unique physician identification number (UPIN).

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