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A term of art placed on death certificates (usually less than 2% of all cases) in which a satisfactory cause of death is not found
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Teesside Coroner Michael Sheffield said he accepted the view that the cause of death was unascertained and recorded a verdict of natural causes.
I can only say the cause of death is unascertained," he said.
In default of any such notice being received, Kuaile Touzi Limited intends to proceed with the application before the County Registrar at the end of the 21 days from the date of this notice and will apply to the County Registrar for the County of the City of Dublin for directions as may be appropriate on the basis that persons beneficially entitled to the superior interest including the freehold reversion in each of the aforesaid premises are unknown or unascertained.
Mr Arnold added: "The provisional cause of death is unascertained.
In his opinion the cause of Mr Powell's death was unascertained and multifactorial.
With the cause of death unascertained the only conclusion he could reach was an open one, he said.
Police said: "The cause of death of the 29-year-old woman is unascertained pending toxicology results.
Liverpool coroner Andre Rebello said the cause of death was unascertained.
Consultant pathologist Dr Mark Lord said because of a lack of evidence, the cause of death was unascertained.
Cause of death was unascertained and Dr Rees was unable to confirm that heroin overdose was the cause of death.
He recorded an open verdict due to the cause of death being unascertained.