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the part of a shadow in which there is no light from any light source.
a sharp appearance to the edges of a structure on a radiograph.


radiology An image with sharply defined margins.


(ŭm′bră) [L., shade, shadow]
The edge of the radiographic image proper.


1. Region of very low illumination on a dark background.
2. Zone in which the brightness varies from some illumination to zero (umbra) in the shadow cast by an opaque object intercepting light from an extensive light source. See shadow.
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Umbro shares jumped 27% in the wake of the announcement, giving it a market value of pounds 223m.
UMBRO replace Lonsdale as Blues' playing and training kit supplier.
Three weeks prior to that episode, Umbro first offered Terry a boot deal while Nike, whose footwear he was using at the time, backed off.
There is real passion and commitment to driving the brand forward among the whole team at Umbro and Matthew Cook will provide the leadership to grow the business over the coming years, as well as integrating where required with the Nike brand.
Terry's current boot contract is believed to expire this summer and Umbro would not comment on whether the deal would be renewed.
As far as Umbro is concerned we are delighted to be involved as sponsor of this event and are proud once again to be able to give something back to the next generation of players in this country.
In addition to England, Umbro supplies the national soccer teams of Ireland, Sweden and Norway, and more than 100 other professional teams globally, and Mr McLaughlin said Nike's intention was to continue growing the brand.
The approach from Nike, which has more than 80 staff at its Wearside base, has the backing of the Football Association, which has worked with Umbro for more than 20 years.
Umbro said branded sales had seen a "good performance" with strong orders already booked for the second half of the year.
4m, Umbro said 2006 was highly competitive in the UK with pressure on margins throughout most of the year.
We are delighted to have Umbro back on board," said Tim Gardiner, Albion's director of sales and marketing.
RANGERS are on the verge of clinching a new multi-million pound strip deal with Umbro.