Umbrella Effect

The masking of low levels of immunoglobulin light chains in early clonal expansions of IgM macroglobulinemia and IgA myeloma, by the greater bulk of IgG seen by immunoelectrophoresis
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It's not just affecting the family, these tragedies have an ||Carl umbrella effect and there is no end to the people it affects.
The strategy is to create an umbrella effect by leveraging the Mederma brand name, according to Steve Gallopo, senior director of O-T-C at Merz North America.
I float back to a present where I focus on my health and the health of those I love, on income and economic activities that further squeeze our lives into smaller corners, on relationships that greatly affect our emotions and peace of mind, and on affairs of country that have an umbrella effect on all of us.
The wind makes your skirt do an inside out umbrella effect while you're waiting outside the wine bar for everyone to arrive.
It's short at about 3ft, but lovely and wide (7ft) and gives a glorious umbrella effect as well as dramatically changing colour month by month from the greenest of greens to stunning orange, purples and reds.
One of the many advantages of immunofixation is that the reagent antisera are placed directly on the gel, so a long diffusion phase is not required and the umbrella effect is virtually eliminated.
The main point with the bags is that if you don't puncture them enough, the air rushes to the top of it causing an umbrella effect and the bag breaks away, scattering pellets everywhere (disaster
Robert Stern, president of the bipartisan Center for Governmental Studies in Los Angeles, understands this umbrella effect.
The high rates being charged for blockbuster entertainment properties may be having an umbrella effect, pulling royalties for other properties in the category up.
This differs from standard sprinklers which are generally mounted above the delivery pipe to provide an umbrella effect with water delivery.
Mega-vendors who are also dominant in the sector are not included in the reports as their brand equity has an umbrella effect over many sectors.
At St Edward's, directly under the mast, there was a sort of umbrella effect which meant there weren't such serious health issues.