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Ainger and the campaign to prevent the closure of the RAF base failed, and the Squadron left in 1994 leaving behind a reduced contingent to service USNF Brawdy until it closed in 1995.
USNF Brawdy plugged a hole in the area left by the Royal Navy and together with the RAF sustained the local economy.
USNF Brawdy was in fact the latest incarnation of a long association of the US Navy with the Pembrokeshire area.
These factors, coupled with the fortune of the secretive base to avoid the level of protest that more high-profile American bases in England experienced (such as Greenham Common), enabled USNF Brawdy to foster a good rapport with its neighbours in what was an otherwise turbulent period in Anglo-American political relations.
USNF also features new multiplayer capabilities which includes two-player support over a modem, or up to eight players via a network (LAN).
The fourth title published under the Jane's Combat Simulations brand and the latest in the award-winning USNF line, USNF `97 also includes Jane's reference materials which are drawn from real life action.
USNF `97 takes full advantage of Windows 95 and adds new ease to the installation and running of the game.