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UK NEQAS is a national organisation of external quality assessment (EQA) programmes providing quality assessment in both primary and secondary care to centres performing pathology tests.
in the United Kingdom, for a laboratory to get accreditation it has to participate in the UK NEQAS (H) (United Kingdom National Quality Assessment for Hematology) (5).
Problems relating to the laboratory diagnosis of factor XIII deficiency: a UK NEQAS study.
Similarly, the 2011 UK NEQAS (United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme) demonstrated a range of eight titres (2).
Data from distributions of pools of serum distributed by UK NEQAS over the years 2001-2008 were examined.
A UK NEQAS ISH multicenter ring study using the Ventana HER2 dual-color ISH assay.
External quality assurance of HER2 FISH testing: results of a UK NEQAS pilot scheme.
UK NEQAS ICC & ISH Immunocytochemistry Journals.
Contract notice: Provision of Courier Services to UK NEQAS for H&I Welsh Blood Service T252.
Over the three year (2007-2009) review period, the laboratory routinely participated in two EQA programmes for anti-ENA detection, namely the rheumatic disease module from the Immunology RCPA (Australia) and the nuclear and related antigen module issued by UK NEQAS (England).
Five batches of test samples were prepared and qualified by UK NEQAS LI according to standard operating procedures.
Historically the UK NEQAS service has used the method laboratory trimmed mean (MLTM) as the target for monitoring laboratory performance, but this stratagem lacks the ability to identify methods whose performance is unsatisfactory.