U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

U.S. Drug En·force·ment Ad·min·i·stra·tion

(DEA) (drŭg en-fōrs'mĕnt ad-min'i-strā'shŭn)
A division of the U.S. federal Department of Justice that is charged with the interdiction of the flow of illegal drugs or those restricted in sale by the Controlled Substances Act.
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Battelle announced today that it was awarded a Schedule I Researcher license by the U.
The men were caught in Prague as they tried to close a deal with people they thought were members of Colombian guerilla group FARC but who were in fact undercover officers of the U.
The sheriff's office was assisted by the Lebanon, Albany and Sweet Home police departments, Linn County Parole and Probation, and the U.
A company petition for the drug to be descheduled is under review at the U.
A A The so-called air bridge between Peru and Bolivia has been especially active since 2011, the year before the U.
Colorado's outbreak also follows a case in North Carolina, where the U.
In the case of the Caribbean, you don't know who's trading and what they are trading," says Kroll's Cash, a former U.
Also, the measure would provide $363 million in increased funding for the U.
When Robberson asked Joe Toft, the former chief of the U.
officials -- the sixth such survey -- and that the U.
That was the message delivered by Kenneth McCreary, a special agent for the U.
Embassy in the Philippines would like to commend the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Inter Agency Drug Interdiction Task Group (NAIA IADITG) and the U.

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