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Reactive oxygen radicals generated during infections such as trypanosomosis can attack erythrocyte membrane, induce its oxidation and thus trigger haemolysis [23].
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This method is especially suited to the developing countries since most use diminazene to treat livestock for trypanosomosis.
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The presence of the tsetse fly in one third of the African continent and the disease trypanosomosis it transmits is considered the major barrier to the development of productive livestock.
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Most studies on the relationship between trypanosomosis and serum testosterone are carried out in experimentally infected animals.
One of these adaptations is their documented tolerance to trypanosomosis (Roberts and Gray, 1973), a parasitic disease due to infection with Trypanosoma sp.
Several authors reported the prevalence of Sarcoptic mange in camels and considered mange as second important disease in camels after trypanosomosis due to its rapid spread and the severe effect on camels' behavior (Higgins, 1983; Nayel and Abu-Samra, 1986 and Pegram and Higgins, 1992).