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De Anima: Torstrik, 1862; Trendelenburg, 2nd edition, 1877, with English translation, E.
For the first stage of the procedure, the patient was placed in the low-lithotomy, steep Trendelenburg position.
For the hernia, a laparoscopic transabdominal repair was chosen, which required the patient to tolerate steep reverse Trendelenburg positioning and intraabdominal insufflation with C[O.
It is important to use an operative bed that will accommodate the weight and width of obese patients and enable Trendelenburg positioning of up to 45 degrees.
Since his student years, Teichmuller worked with antique texts, visiting lectures of Adolf Trendelenburg (1802-1872) in Berlin.
Cok belirgin trendelenburg yuruyusu olan, destekli olarak comelip kalkabilen olgu, parmak ucu ve topuk yuruyuslerini yapamiyordu.
In the reflux portion of the examination, direction of flow is assessed with provocative manoeuvres, which may involve the Valsalva manoeuvre or augmenting flow with distal limb compression in the reverse Trendelenburg position.
During the procedure, the patient was placed in Trendelenburg position.
Limited range of motion, especially abduction and internal rotation, is present, occasionally with a Trendelenburg gait.
When you need an exam or minor procedure chair that also provides Trendelenburg and a footrest for easy entry, the MT1424 is your choice.
We investigated the abilities of pulse pressure variation (PPV) and stroke volume variation (SVV) to predict fluid responsiveness during robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy, requiring pneumoperitoneum and the Trendelenburg position.