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Chief constituent of cinnamon oil.
Synonym(s): cinnamic aldehyde
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Fumigant activity of 6 selected essential oil compounds and combined effect of methyl salicylate and trans-cinnamaldehyde against Culex pipiens pallens.
Trans-cinnamic acid (>99% pure) and trans-cinnamaldehyde (>98% pure) were purchased from Alfa Aesar (Karlsruhe, Germany).
They found that trans-cinnamaldehyde increased the heat sensitivity of the bacteria, and could potentially be used to destroy the pathogen in inadvertently undercooked patties.
So, the efficacy of trans-cinnamaldehyde for killing the bacteria was investigated at 140 F.
Trans-cinnamaldehyde enhanced the killing of the bacteria in patties cooked to 140 F, relative to controlled samples.
19) A cytotoxic effect has been ascribed to trans-cinnamaldehyde on human cancer cell lines as recently reported.
Studies of trans-cinnamaldehyde (microencapsulated).
The present study explored, whether trans-cinnamaldehyde triggers eryptosis.
Trans-cinnamaldehyde (TCA), a bioactive compound isolated from the leaves of Cinnamomum osmophloeum kaneh (Chao et al.
Using up to 20 kGy, the investigators irradiated samples of trans-cinnamaldehyde (TC)-coated low-density polyethylene-polyamide films (3% w/w) which had a thickness of 53 aem.
20% (w/w) of coumarin and trans-cinnamaldehyde, respectively), which was given orally at doses of 500, 1000 and 2000 mg/kg caused neither visible signs of toxicity nor mortality.
Sample E: 1 mg/ml of trans-cinnamaldehyde in methanol.

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