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A coil that both transmits radiofrequency and receives the magnetic resonance signal.
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Motorola's ADSL family of products includes the highly-integrated CopperGold ADSL Tranceiver (part # MC145650), the innovative, performance- optimizing CopperGold ADSL Line Driver (part # MC03AX1456), a wide array of microprocessors tailored for specific applications and development tools.
Company's OpenVPX modular building blocks and high speed XMC tranceivers combine to deliver extremely high-processing density in ultra-small form factor
With the industry's most robust tranceivers and Vivado Design Suite IP Integrator for accelerated integration of hierarchical and third-party blocks, our customers can realize the fastest time to differentiation.
Commex further boosted the board's robustness by engineering a proprietary solution to clock-drift problems caused by process, voltage and temperature variations (PVT) that have classically led to uncorrected data sampling in other Ethernet tranceivers.
Solicitation: Radios & tranceivers for holloman afb nm
5 GHz tranceivers in Altera's Stratix GX FPGAs represent the industry's first PCI Express solution which incorporates which incorporates updates from the 264-page PCI Express Base Specification Errata.
Solicitation: Transition to the next generation high power phased array tranceivers (sttr) lasers
Its product portfolio includes OC-48 and OC-192 SONET transceivers, framers, Serial 10 Gbps Ethernet tranceivers and the world's highest speed SerDes technology.
Telebyte supports a wide range of communications solutions and services including Internet and DSL Products, LAN Tranceivers, Interface Converters, Short Haul Modems, Fiber Optic Products, Test Equipment, Multiplexers and Lightning Protection.
The electronic device division of EMCORE has been expanded to augment EMCORE's capability to produce photo-detectors for high speed array tranceivers.
Contract Awarded for vhr airband mobilie tranceivers handheld airband radio
It supports both fiber (1000BASE-X) and copper (1000BASE-T) tranceivers via Ten-Bit interface (TBI) and GMII interfaces, allowing implementation of long haul and short haul NICs.