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Karl, 19th-century German dermatologist. See: Touton giant cell.
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Event sponsors include: Toms Gruppen; Cargill; The Hershey Company; ADM Cocoa; Barry Callebaut; Blommer Chocolate Company; Guittard Chocolate Company; and Touton.
Histopathologically, the dermal lesion contained a mixture of histiocytes, foamy macrophages, lymphocytes, and scattered Touton giant cells (figure 2).
13) Olgumuzda yabanci cisim granulomasini dislayan bulgular arasinda mevcut cok cekirdekli dev hucrelerin Touton veya Langhans tipinde olmasi, yabanci cisim tipi dev hucre saptanmamasi ve polarize isik mikroskopisi ile yapilan incelemede herhangi bir yabanci cisim veya kristal polarizasyonu gorulmemesi bulunmaktadir.
Fortunately, an 21 members of the crew were rescued although ten, including the owner/skipper, George David and his partner Wendy Touton, were in the water for more than four-and-a-half hours before being picked up.
The skipper of the 100ft vessel, George David and his partner Wendy Touton were among those battling the elements.
Erken donemde monomorfik mononukleer hucreler hakim iken, matur lezyonlarda daha tipik olan kopuksu histiyositler ve degisken sayida Touton tipi dev hucreler karsimiza cikar.
27) Gregory's mention of "this life full of labors for one's own hand to perform" (ton ergatikon touton kai autocheira bion), is no less striking: autocheira, which means "with one's own hand" (autos + cheir), recalls the earlier description of Macrina baking bread, and it suggests that manual labor is not merely a metaphor--although as we shall see, it certainly could be this as well--but a fundamental reality of the ascetic life.
20) "Koinei men oun peri ton areton eiretai hemin to te genos tupo, hoti mesotetes eisin kai hoti hexis huph' hon te ginontai, hoti touton praktikai kai kath' hautas, kai hoti eph' hemin kai hekousioi, kai houtos hos anho orthos logos prostaxe.
The stories are not exclusively about the Brooklyn family and the father, who was a member of the Touton Macoutes, the torture squad of the former Haitian government.
Five producers and distributors -- Mommessin, Kendall-Jackson, Monsieur Touton, Artesa and Martin-Scott -- will rotate their wine's among Lueng's Henry's Evergreen and participating restaurants Mr.
Hedman had to make a fine save as early as the eighth minute when Jevons was put through by Alan Touton.
Meanwhile, ICANN has appointed Louis Touton as VP, general counsel and secretary.