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Karl, 19th-century German dermatologist. See: Touton giant cell.
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7) Although these Touton cells are thought to be pathognomonic of JXG, early lesions may lack these cells.
A total of 15 Filipino Americans played key roles, including Camille Calimlim Touton as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Interior, Jason T.
Competing bartenders include Jay McAuley of Cru and Stacy Murdock of Duffy's Sports Bar, Chris Kennedy and Michelle Kosteno Pricipato of Blue Coyote, Jerome Sanchez of Touton Wines and Jason Woodburn and Amber Blanchard of The Edison.
The breast tissue examination identified a fibro-histiocytic proliferation with numerous foamy cells, some multinucleated and Touton giant cells, surrounded by lymphocytes.
Sur cette bande dessinee, voir par exemple: Isabelle TOUTON, <<El comic La vie passionnee de Therese d'Avila de Claire Bretecher: una comicidad erudita e iconoclasta>>, Pratiques hagiographiques dans l'Espagne du Moyen Age et du Siecle d'or, Toulouse, CNRS-Universite de Toulouse-Le Mirail, 2005, p.
Touton giant cells and foam cells are usually not present.
Numerous foamy macrophages, including multinucleated giant cells of the Touton and foreign body type, were present sur-rounding atrophic fat lobules and within connective tissue septa (Fig.
Histopathologically, the dermal lesion contained a mixture of histiocytes, foamy macrophages, lymphocytes, and scattered Touton giant cells (figure 2).
13) Olgumuzda yabanci cisim granulomasini dislayan bulgular arasinda mevcut cok cekirdekli dev hucrelerin Touton veya Langhans tipinde olmasi, yabanci cisim tipi dev hucre saptanmamasi ve polarize isik mikroskopisi ile yapilan incelemede herhangi bir yabanci cisim veya kristal polarizasyonu gorulmemesi bulunmaktadir.
Fortunately, an 21 members of the crew were rescued although ten, including the owner/skipper, George David and his partner Wendy Touton, were in the water for more than four-and-a-half hours before being picked up.
The skipper of the 100ft vessel, George David and his partner Wendy Touton were among those battling the elements.
Erken donemde monomorfik mononukleer hucreler hakim iken, matur lezyonlarda daha tipik olan kopuksu histiyositler ve degisken sayida Touton tipi dev hucreler karsimiza cikar.