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Evangelista, Italian scientist, 1608-1647. See: torr.
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This in turn means that the Torricelli brake will mainly be applicable in urban environments, where for instance inattentive children and cyclists could be avoided.
17) identified four types of shields (4) in the Torricelli Mountains.
Torricelli concluded that because it was reported that The Record will be vacating its flagship building in Hackensack, it soon will be folding.
So even in exiting the political stage, Torricelli caused trouble.
Moyes, though, says that he will first have to offload players before he can sign Torricelli.
Graham, Hatch, Jeffords, Torricelli and Kerry do, that it is critical for all of the eligible basis costs to be clarified to sustain this important program," said Garczynski.
Torricelli spent weeks crafting a compromise between environmentalists and the pest-control industry and finally got them to agree on some basic provisions--including a ban on spraying in occupied school areas.
Biden said the central Asia region was "very important," and indicated that he had discussed the possible creation of the new subcommittee led by Torricelli.
The Viola, who lost to Juventus last Friday, are without Saliou Lassissi, Sandro Cois, Christian Amoroso, Moreno Torricelli, and Andrea Tarozzi for the trip to the San Siro.
ROBERT TORRICELLI, even though we are of opposite parties.
Many of his supporters were religious as well as secular academicians, among them the Benedictine monk, Benedetto Castelli, and the inventor of the barometer, Evangelista Torricelli.
Robert Torricelli (D-NJ)--would require that all public colleges and universities publish and distribute an annual fire safety report to all students and employees.