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A small piece of wood or other material for removing food particles from between the teeth.


Any small tapering sliver of wood or other material used to remove food debris from between the teeth. Early examples were made of gold, carved bone, or ivory.


Small wood sliver or thin plastic device used to remove food particles from the interdental space.


n a wood sliver used to cleanse the interdental space.
toothpick, balsa wood,
n a triangular wedge of balsa wood used to clean the teeth interproximally and stimulate the interdental gingival tissues.
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Tenders are invited for Suppliers for rates of different stationery materials DFC paper Item wise list of stationery articles required for the office of the district magistrate & collector jalpaiguri for the year 2016-2017 (ANNEX-IV)Hot Pot, Dinner Plate Bowl, Cup & Plate, Salt Pot, Sugerpot Pot with Lit, Drinking Glass Tray Set, Table Spoon Tea spoon Tea pot set Flask, Napkin Stand Tooth Pick Tumbler Ash Tray Towel, Bedsheet, Bed Cover,
That said, you could probably use those discarded syringes as a sort of utilitarian tooth pick.
They should be scrutinising Mr Stockdale's decision with a fine tooth pick of investigative journalism.
There was better luck, too, for Tim Underwood, who had voluntarily stood down from a couple of mounts at Kingston Blount the previous day after experiencing twinges from his recent shoulder injury when partnering Tooth Pick into a fairly remote fourth.
5 litre(Stainless steel) , Cheff Kit Chattukam Woddent 4 feet length), Chattukam Wodden (2 feet length), Chirava Woodden (2 feet length),Fuel gel for Che-in-dish (250 grams),Restaurant Canopy (Stainless steel,Standard size,dismantel type with frills in both side, Dosa Kal (2X3ft), Egg Beater (Stainless steel), Finger Bowl - with underliner (Stainless steel), Deep Freezer 500litre (Voltas/blue star), Glass Tambler (250ml) - with SPORTS logo, Gas stove Single Burner (Stainless steel, with glass top), Juice Glass (200ml) - with SPORTS logo jar 2 liter - Stainless steel, Menu Stand (Stainless steel), Tooth pick stand - Stainless steel,
Tenders are invited for Supply of Stationary, cleaning and crockery items Tooth Pick, Water Jug (plastic) Cello 2 Itr.
Then pipe a little mousse on to the flesh side of the fillets of sea bass and fold over, secure with a tooth pick and put back in the fridge to set.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Stationery items tooth picks, blade, dusters board, dvd spingle sony , file box etc.
If the food is cut, carved or pierced with tooth picks, they will not be accepted by most food pantries.
Tooth brush, tooth paste, disposable razors, shaving cream, small mirror, comb, toilet paper (2 rolls), napkins, soap (2 cakes), plastic soap dish, small shampoo bottle, deodorant, chapstick, small vaseline, tooth picks.
We visited Golfo de Bizkaia, a bar which originated in the Basque country where waiters kept piling on the tapas and then calculated our bill by counting the number of tooth picks left on our plates.
Seven tenders for the supply of (a) white plastic cups with round edge & snacks tray, (b) packaging rolls, (c) raw material for non woven aromatic towel, (d) carton for packaging, (e) paper towels, (f) different color master batch, also (g) tooth picks.