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Cyril, 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Toker cell.
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Toker Forest led by a couple of lengths into the back straight from Fast Fit Alex with the big-finishing bitch Coolavanny Pet a few lengths further back in third.
Halil Toker was a distinguished writer, poet, and a man of letters having written close to 50 books and contributed over 200 articles on a wide range of subjects.
That influenced more people to take to the streets," said Toker.
Toker said they were now at the stage of looking for an alternative location.
Toker added: "They obviously spent a long while plotting this crime and I doubt they could have kept their plans secret for all that time without telling others about their elaborate scheme.
Factor analysis was commonly implicated in chickpea (Halila and Strange, 1997; Toker and Cagirgan, 2003; Toker and Cigirgan, 2004; Naghavi and Jahansouz, 2004; Vural and Karasu, 2007).
Toker says these findings paint a grim picture, with a worrying rise in the rate of diabetes in the researchers' middle-aged study cohort, which had a mean age of 48.
Charles Toker, director for the 14 to 19 curriculum, said: "Kirklees College welcomes the plans of all political parties to raise the status of vocational courses in sixth forms and colleges with students, parents and employers.
En sus diez anos de carrera portena Jevel Katz escribio y musicalizo unas quinientas piezas, entre parodias, cuples, cuadros, satiras y pequenas descripciones lirico-musicales de la vida judia en Buenos Aires y en las colonias agricolas judias de Santa Fe y Entre Rios", escribe Eliahu Toker.
Nigeria, Somalia, and Eritrea, noting that they have been nabbed at Toker town.
also Toker Towards the Ethics: 143-56 on "the secret-sharer phenomenon"), through small, medium-size, and large intermental units, to "intermental minds" characterized by the stability and functionality of shared codes.
CHP's deputy chairman Haluk Koc, deputy secretary general Gulsun Bilgehan Toker and CHP's representative in Brussels Kader Sevinc are accompanying Kemal Kilicdaroglu.