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J., French histologist, 1858-1950. See: Toison stain.
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Por tanto, la estrecha asociacion entre el vellocino de oro y la Orden del Toison de Oro hacian que Carlos V fuera una eleccion apropiada para hacerlo decimo de la Fama.
Luminary and Nightingale recipient Debra Toison, International Board Certified Lactation Counselor, Colorado Plains Medical Center in Fort Morgan, has worked diligently to support breast feeding mothers in the Morgan County and surrounding areas.
A radio host attributes the modern Canadian lifestyle to American inventiveness, and the narrator himself accuses his fellow countrymen of complicity with the economic, military, and cultural policies of the United States: "Les Canadiens vivent comme des poux dans la toison du buffle americain.
85) OEuvres complettes de Louis de Saint-Simon, Duc et Pair de France, Chevalier des Ordres du Roi et de la Toison d'or, etc.
The Saint Vincent de Paul Health Center is located 55 miles east of Port-au-Prince near the village of La Toison in a rural mountainous region of Haiti called Grand Bois.
Information: Congress Secretariat: SETAC Europe, Avenue de la Toison d'Or 67, B-1060 Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 772 72 81, fax: +32 2 770 53 86, e-mail: setac@setaceu.
Everything enters into this madness of the mane, from Baudelaire's elucubrations on Jeanne Duval's abundant hair, curly as that of sheep ("O toison, moutonnant" in the verse version of "La Chevelure (30) and prose ("Un Hemisphere dans une chevelure" "A Hemisphere in a mane of hair" [1:300-301]), through Mallarme's own untitled sonnet beginning with an evocation of an ancient East, (31) and his "Plainte d'automne" ("Autumn Lament"), where he dreams of his dead Maria, reads Latin poems, and thrusts his hand deep into the fur of his cat, that "pure animal" ("[je] plongeais une main dans la fourrure du pur animal" [Oeuvres, p.
comme un autre Jason, j'etais parti pour aller conquerir la toison d'or, ou, pour parler en style plus humble, chercher la femme blonde et le type de Rubens [.
Ave de la Toison d'Or - either side of the Louise metro station for classy boutiques.
22) On a more ideological level, Duke Jean IV instituted the Order of the Ermine around 1381, perhaps as a means of reinforcing local aristocratic solidarity along the lines of the English Order of the Garter or the French Toison d'Or.
19) The letter also talks about those that had not yet taken place: "On Wednesday the 29th," he writes, "a festival will be held on the river Arno representing the fable of the Toison, and on the 30th there will be a combat .