Tobacco Science

A generic term for biased reporting of scientific data, especially which favours a particular industry’s agenda
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These comments were echoed by Prof Shi at the Zhengzhou-based College of Tobacco Science of Henan Agricultural University: "The soil is tainted, and it also contaminates crops and fruits, but currently there is no easy way to solve the problem," he said, declining to give his full name due to the sensitivity of the issue.
Lauterbach is a frequent presenter at the annual Tobacco Science Research Conferences and is author or co-author on numerous presentations and journal articles on tobacco science and toxicology.
Reynolds, he served as a member and vice-chair of the editorial board of Tobacco Science (1963-1967).
Michael Moynihan, Vice President of Research & Development, will present a poster today on the company's proprietary BRAND B cigarette at the 66th Tobacco Science Research Conference (TSRC) being held in Concord, North Carolina.
26, Reynolds Tobacco will present the national tobacco-science community with the findings of this company research during the 54th Tobacco Science Research Conference, in Nashville, Tenn.
A presentation titled, Effect of Smoking Low Tar-to-Nicotine Ratio Cigarettes on Smoke Exposure, will be given by 22nd Century Group at the 66th Tobacco Science Research Conference being held in Concord, North Carolina on September 9-12.
Reynolds Tobacco's research results will be presented by Gentry during the 53rd Tobacco Science Research Conference, to be held Sept.
Burton is widely recognized as an expert in tobacco science.
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