Arne W.K., Swedish biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1902-1971. See: Tiselius apparatus, Tiselius electrophoresis cell.
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Cognitive aspects of community interpreting: Toward a process model by Englund, Dimitrova and Tiselius provides an overview of research into community interpreting, in particular reminding the reader that there are two aspects to the community interpreter's role, namely interpreting and management of the interactions.
Potassium citrate is preferred over sodium bicarbonate because sodium bicarbonate increases sodium load and cystine excretion (Fjellstedt, Denneberg, Jeppsson, & Tiselius, 2001).
The electrophoresis became a chemical analysis method by the pioneering works of Arne Tiselius from Uppsala University in 1930s yielding Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1948 [1]-[9].
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Firstly, diatom blooms are beyond a diluted environment in terms of food particles, and copepods tend to readily migrate and aggregate at localized diatom patches (Bainbridge, 1953; Tiselius, 1992; Atkinson & Shreeve, 1995; Bochdansky & Bollens, 2004).
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