Three Rs

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Malpractice Recognise, Respond, Resolve. A term coined by Copic Insurance in Colorado, which provides medical malpractice coverage to doctors and health professionals as part of promoting open disclosure about medical errors
Managed care—US Request, Render, Report. A trilogy of factors that must be met before a patient can be billed for a consultation from a physician other than the primary care provider: the ordering physician must Request the consultation, the consultant must Render a medical opinion, and issue a written Report
Research Reduce, Refine, Replace. A research philosophy first articulated in 1959 by British scientists W.M.S. Russell and R.L. Burch, who linked scientific excellence to the humane and efficient use of laboratory animals, a philosophy now known as 'alternatives'
Vox populi Reading, wRiting, ‘ aRithmetic This is the original phrase which inspired the many other 'three Rs.' It referred to the core components of an elementary school education in America
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Nationally, the figures suggested the proportion of primaries failing to give their pupils a good grounding in the three Rs remained static this year, despite schools facing tougher government targets.
And Mr Gibb also pointed out that while levels are up, almost a third of pupils nationwide failed to achieve the expected level in the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic).
IF, as we're told, standards of the Three Rs have slumped to their lowest level in seven years, leaving thousands of primary schoolchildren unable to read, write or do maths, it rather makes a nonsense of denials from education experts and parents who insist GCSE exams haven't been dumbed down.
His Government keeps pouring money into education, yet many school-leavers don't even know the three Rs.
Since introducing Mystere in 1993, Cirque definitely upgraded the three Rs.
The three Rs refer to the 'replacement, refinement and reduction' of animals in research.
Adapted from a popular course that has trained hundreds of environmental managers over the years, Guide to Hazardous Materials and Waste Management focuses on the three Rs of hazardous materials and environmental management: risk, regulation, and responsibility: With knowledge of the three Rs and the skills necessary to apply that knowledge, professionals will make significant contributions to their organizations and communities.
1 Sol Campbell Tried heroically to ensure England went in ahead at half-time as the three Rs wove their magic
I agree with Paul entirely but feel an examination of the most useful meaning of the three Rs is required if society is to move from waste management to the most sustainable option, waste minimisation.
The English national curriculum leaves little time over from the three Rs.
Three innovative programs geared to boosting the three Rs of staffing
Accustomed to dealing with others by reason, and eager to meet the activists halfway, the research community adopted "The Three Rs," described as long ago as 1959 by W.

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