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Hugh Owen, British surgeon, 1834-1891. See: Thomas splint.
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The Government wishes to thank outgoing chair Graeme Houghton for his valuable contribution as chair of the THOs since their inception in 2012.
To expand Thos Begbie s foundry s production capacity, they evaluated several on-site energy generating options to increase the amount and reliability of power that the furnaces required, said Gert van Zyl, managing director, ADC (PTY) Ltd.
As it enters the completion phase of the Jenbacher project, Thos Begbie has become closer to self-sufficiency.
According to the carmaker, 81 volunteers sponsored by the company also improved the dwellings of Can Tho City residents.
A total of thirty-two apparently healthy Tho Tho bulls with different age groups were selected from the herd of villages at around the National Research Centre on Mithun (ICAR), Nagaland, India.
Means were analyzed by one way analysis of variance between the different age groups of Tho Tho bulls, followed by Tukey's post hoc test to determine significant differences between the groups using the SPSS/PC computer program (version 15.
Normally, party congresses replace from 30% to 40% of the committee's membership, Tho said, adding it traditionally consists of three age groups: under 50, between 50 and 60, and above 60.
Tho Chi Le is a native of the Tien-Giang province in Vietnam (which he describes as being two hours from Saigon by bus) who spoke Vietnamese as his native language.
Tho came to the United States "two years and three months" ago as of the time of his interview.
The province is developing three industrial zones surrounding the provincial capital Can Tho, about 180 kilometers southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, and calling for foreign investment in 19 infrastructure and processing industry projects, Duoc says.
months later to a term of three years probation even tho under no