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Thomas, English physician, 1624-1689.
Sydenham chorea - a postinfectious chorea appearing several months after a streptococcal infection, with subsequent rheumatic fever. Synonym(s): Sydenham disease; Sydenham syndrome
Sydenham cough
Sydenham disease - Synonym(s): Sydenham chorea
Sydenham syndrome - Synonym(s): Sydenham chorea
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From Thomas Sydenham to Robert Whytt, the medical view that women were inherently pathological was made obvious in a continued reliance on metaphors of diseased uteri, weak nerves, disordered animal spirits, corrupt menstrual blood, and animalistic wombs.
In the 18th century, Thomas Sydenham administered standardised laudanum tinctures safely.
Thomas Sydenham, prominente medico ingles del siglo XVII, empleo el termino 'corea' en relacion con ciertas enfermedades infecciosas como la escarlatina.