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The fundamental ring compound.
Synonym(s): thiofuran, thiole
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As expected, while a broad and strong longest wavelength absorption in solution was observed with the polymer P3, having thiophene extensions, with maxima of 294, 324, and 368 nm, the polymer P2, which was polymerized through the peripheral thiophenes, had a strong absorption band at 294 nm, between PI and P3.
In this method sulfur compounds specifically thiophenes react with methyl iodate under silver tetrafluroborate presence to formed sufonium salts of s-methyl.
23] who mentioned that Tagetes species produce thiophenes, polyacetylenic compounds that possess strong biocidal activity, thus making Tagetes plants very useful for suppressing nematode populations in the soil and as sources of natural pesticides.
Two new thiophenes from Echinops latifolius and their phototoxic activities.
However, Mottram (1991) reported that boiled meat contained higher levels of sulfur-containing heterocyclic compounds such as thiophenes, trithiolanes, trithianes that have low odour thresholds with sulfurous, onion-like and, sometimes, meaty aromas (Fors, 1983).
daylight, thiophene-S-oxides enjoy a much shorter lifetime and appreciable amount of thiophenes can be isolated from the ensuing mixtures (Ohira et al.
Thiophenes, triterpene and steroid has also been reported from roots, leaves and flowers of the plant (Bano et al.
The starting compounds in the synthesis of thienotriazines were 2-amino-3-(N-substituted carboxamido)-4,5-tetramethylene thiophenes namely CP-1a, CP-2a and CP-6a, which were synthesized involving an adaptation of a well-known and versatile Gewald reaction involving three steps.
Such compounds have been reported to be present in Tagetes essential oil, and they belong to certain groups of hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, esters, carotenoids, flavonoids and thiophenes, (Camarillo et al.
Review of literature reveals estimation and isolation of various constituents such as flavonoids, acetylenic thiophenes, teraxasterol and teraxasterol acetates and a considerable number of pentacyclic triterpenoids and their esters (Singh and Pandey, 1990).
They include degradation products of chlorophyll, polyacetylenes, thiophenes, quinones(cercosporin), anthraquinones (fagopyrin, hypericin), and 9methoxypsoralen.