thioflavin T

thi·o·fla·vin T

(thī'ō-flā'vin), [C.I. 49005]
A yellow thiazole dye, used in histopathology as a fluorochrome for hyaline and amyloid.
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com)-- SensoLyte[R] ThT A[sz]40 and A[sz]42 Aggregation kits, using the fluorescent dye Thioflavin T (ThT), provide a convenient and standard method to measure A[sz]40 and A[sz]42 aggregation, respectively.
The dye, called thioflavin T, seems to prevent the deviant protein clumps often associated with a number of human age-related diseases, including Alzheimer's, researchers say.
Thioflavin T blocked many of those clumps from accumulating in the treated worms, extending their lives.