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A fluorescent compound, produced by the oxidation of thiamin; used in methods for detection and determination of thiamin.
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Because of the low biological concentrations of these analytes, most methods employ precolumn or postcolumn oxidation of thiamines followed by fluorescent detection of thiochrome compounds.
The oxidation of thiamine to thiochrome was quantitatively measured by using fluorescence spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectroscopy techniques.
In October 1938, six months after I had joined Kraft, he asked me to use the recently published Jansen thiochrome method to determine the vitamin B 1 (thiamin) in Vegemite.
The chromatographic profile of a blank injection prepared by omitting the thiochrome reaction suggested a lack of interference in sample extracts (Fig.
18 Thiamine chloride and thiamine monophosphate (TMP) in the plasma and urine were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorimetric detection and precolumn derivatisation to thiochromes.