Theratope vaccine

Theratope® vaccine

Oncology A synthetic vaccine designed to stimulate the immune system to combat metastatic breast, colorectal and other CAs. See Therapeutic vaccine.
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Biomira's lead product, THERATOPE vaccine, is currently in a Phase III trial for women with metastatic breast cancer.
Data from these studies also suggested a therapeutic effect as demonstrated by an apparent increase in survival for women with metastatic breast cancer who were treated with THERATOPE vaccine.
The proposed double blind, prospectively randomized Phase III study will provide the evidence as to whether THERATOPE vaccine can delay disease progression and increase survival in a large patient population.
In May, the companies announced their partnership for development of THERATOPE vaccine.
The company's lead product candidate, THERATOPE vaccine, also has broad potential for immunotherapy of cancers.
The partnership will capitalize on the strengths of Chiron Therapeutics, a business unit of Chiron, in the development, registration and marketing of biological products for oncology and on Biomira's strengths in immunology, vaccine development and manufacturing of the THERATOPE vaccine.
Under terms of the agreement, Chiron and Biomira will share equally the costs of ongoing clinical, regulatory, research and development activities of the THERATOPE vaccine in the United States and Europe.
in patients with metastatic breast cancer, showed an apparent survival benefit associated with the use of THERATOPE vaccine.
Chiron and Biomira will complete the design of the Phase 3 clinical study in metastatic breast cancer, and will work together on the registration strategy for THERATOPE vaccine in the United States and Europe.
Edmonton, Canada; 403-490-2818) announced that the company was issued a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on August 25, 1998, for technology used in its THERATOPE vaccine.
This application relates to the THERATOPE vaccine manufacturing process.
In Phase II clinical trials, patients with metastatic breast cancer appeared to show a survival benefit associated with the use of THERATOPE vaccine.