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1. the dried leaves of Thea chinensis, containing caffeine and tannic acid, or a decoction thereof.
2. any decoction or infusion.


1. The dried leaves of various genera of the family Theaceae, including Thea (T. sinensis), Camellia, and Gordonia, a shrub indigenous to China, southern and southeastern Asia, and Japan. Its chief constituent, on which its stimulating action largely depends, is the alkaloid caffeine, which is present in the amount of 1-4%; theophylline, a chemically related alkaloid, is also present.
See also: species (2).
2. The infusion made by pouring boiling water on tea leaves.
See also: species (2).
3. Any infusion or decoction made extemporaneously.
See also: species (2).
Synonym(s): thea
[Chinese (Amoy dial.) t'e, Mod. L. thea]


1. Camellia sinensis or its dried leaves, which contain caffeine, theophylline, tannic acid, and a volatile oil. Tea is either green or black depending on the curing method.
2. a decoction of these leaves, used as a stimulating beverage or soothing drink for various abdominal discomforts. Green tea has been used for prevention of dental caries and is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, and homeopathy.
3. any decoction or infusion.


Etymology: Chin, ch'a
1 a beverage prepared from the leaves and leaf buds of an evergreen shrub, Thea sinensis. A member of the camellia family, the plant is grown mainly in Asia. Its pharmacologically active components include caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and tannin.
2 maté tea, a caffeine beverage prepared from the leaves of Ilex paraguayensis, a shrub grown in South America.
3 See cannabis.


Alternative nutrition
An infusion made from the dried leaves of the tea shrub (Camellia sinensis), which is consumed either black or green. Tea is regarded as a health-promoting food given its content of polyphenols and certain antioxidants, which decrease the risk of cancer. It may provide symptomatic relief from colds, nasal congestion, asthma (given its content of caffeine and theophylline), from diarrhoea (due to tannins), cardiovascular disease (due to polyphenols), osteoporosis (due to manganese) and tooth decay (due to fluoride).

Drug slang
A regionally popular term for marijuana or PCP.
Mainstream medicine
A clear liquid prepared prepared as an infusion from various leaves used for rehydration, or to “bind” patients with diarrhoea. Teas are divided into 3 types:
• Beverage teas—steeped for 1–2 minutes;
• Infusions—steeped for 10–20 minutes to extract complete medicinal value; or
• Decoctions—boiled for 10–20 minutes.


Mainstream medicine A 'clear liquid' prepared as an infusion from various leaves, used for rehydration, or to 'bind' Pts with diarrhea




1. The dried leaves of various genera of the family Theaceae, including Thea (T. sinensis), Camellia, and Gordonia.
2. Infusion made by pouring boiling water on tea leaves.
3. Any infusion or decoction made extemporaneously.
[Chinese (Amoy dial.) t'e, Mod. L. thea]

Patient discussion about tea

Q. What is better for you tea or coffee? I like to drink both tea and coffee, but which is healthier for me and has less caffeine?

A. tea is much better than coffee because tea has antioxidants,which help the body,coffee does not and coffee has more caffine than tea.

Q. Have you heard of CoD(tm) Tea and Nutritional System to treat cancer? Does it apply to brain cancer too? There have already been 6 brain tumors. A friend told me about this tea that's supposed to help, in addition to chemo, against malignant tumors. Have any of you heard of it? If it works, why is there so little research about it?

A. I'm OK - it's my mom. We live from MRI to MRI (a month to the next one) LOL.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Q. has anyone tryed that chinnes tea to lose weight am 50 and trying it now to help me but has anyone lost any weight on it

A. this tea is called wu-yi sourc you get vit on line

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